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Bring your trading to the next level and earn more profit with GOST. GOST offers a variety of features to make day trading easier, more effective and more profitable. For one, the program provides several visual indicators like trend band, trend gauge and smoothed candlesticks. Those indicators help to recognize and identify in which market phase you are in and it recommends the preferred trading direction. Either long or short. In addition, GOST suggests trade entries and exits.

Secondly, GOST comes with an intelligent trade exit management or trade exits strategy. Most tools or indicators care for trade entries only. However, to become a successful trader your trade exit management is at least as important or even more important.

Often in stock market trading there are types of traders. There are those who close positions too fast and then mourn missed profits. And then there are those who hope for too much and close positions too late without realizing already achieved profits. This is where GOST come into play, as the program operates and trades without any emotion or distraction. Trades are partially closed and intelligently managed and will help you to increase your profits in the long run.

Another great advantage of GOST is that it masters fully automatic trading so-called auto-trading or algo-trading. This means that as a trader you do not have to sit in front of the screen all day and trade manually. GOST does the hard work for you and opens and closes positions. For this, GOST comes with a lot of trading approaches and strategies. All tested and approved. In addition, you can implement and integrate your own ideas, setups and strategies as easy as a pie.

GOST can be used for all trading instruments and markets such as Futures, CFD, forex and stock markets and is equally suitable for scalpers as well as swing traders.

For more information, as well as videos and tutorials, please browse to our videos. Most of them are in German for now but you can use the YouTube subtitle function to translate the videos.

For a head start, you can use our free PDF GOST starter guide below.

Download now: Free GOST pdf starter guide including 3 trading strategies!

Feature overview

The GOST & TC-Live trading system

With this strategy I was able to make double my trading account and made over 100% profit in just 8 weeks. All data, facts and information about this setup can be found on this page.

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GOST Screenshots


Limits as take profit
LPO / MTO options
Grid orders (scale out)
Grid order distance in points or ATR
Grid orders progression
Chain grid orders
Grid order trail
Grid orders (scale out on loss)
Gris based on price
Trend band
Smoothed candle sticks
Trend gauge
Automatic trading: band filter
Automatic trading: trend filter
Automatic trading: Close trade on trend change
Automatic trading: level trading
Automatic trading: band trading strategy
Alerts on trend change
Intelligent SL/Trail (iStop)
Exclusive trading setups & strategies
QuickPanel trail method
Automatic trading TradersClub Live (Dirk Hilger) levels
Traling levels
Breakout levels
Reverse levels
Dow trend theory indication
Signal line
Notifications (EMail & Mobile)

Installation and purchase

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Version history

//| Version history |
- Updated to new ST Build 2834

- Updated to new ST Build 2832

- license check changed

- FIXED: critical security update
- IMPROVED: Signal line notification for GP3 indicator added

- FIXED: Signal line notification removed.

- NEW: GP3 removed. GP3 is available as standalone program now: https://trader-tools.net/gp3

- Improved: New license check

- Bugfix: EveryTick bug fixed

- Bugfix: GOST trail level
- Bugfix: Grid level

- Bugfix: version info bug fixed
- Improved: GOST alert subject changed

- Bugfix: Vendor license workaround

- New: iStop order size calculation added
- Improved: minor license check improvements

- New: GP3 notification added
- Improved: minor bugfixes

- New: TC-Levels locking to H1
- New: Wiki/help button added
- New: Gauge higher timeframe indication added
- New: Max trades TC-Levels added
- New: TC Level width added
- New: Trend lines added
- New: Signal line added
- New: GOST alerts added
- New: Easy mode added
- New: GOST email and mobile alerts added
- New: Tooltips for settings dialog added
- New: Colored buttons for Band, Sig, MT
- Improved: Settings reading changed to settings procedure
- Improved: TC-Trend lines skipped now if not straight
- Improved: Underlined level titles
- Improved: Faster startup
- Improved: Delayed options dialog loading
- Improved: GOST version label
- Improved: Band drawing bug fixed
- Improved: TC levels move with chart
- Improved: TC-Level help button
- Improved: Band colors for dark background
- Improved: GOST levels added on chart click now
- Improved: New license check

- New: Gost band sensitivity added
- Improved: Active settings tab font changed
- Improved: Input variables grouped
- Improved: Recognize crossing of TC-Level even on open position
- Improved: separate calculation of ATR long/short
- Improved: TC-Levels advanced price check
- Improved: TC-Levels long/short functionality added

- Improved: Quickpanel rounding position size bug fixed
- New: Grid size in relation to position size added
- Improved: Progression size has 2 digits now
- New: iStop: Close position if specific amount is reached added
- Improved: Band SL will not change SL if modified manually aor by BE or trail

- Signal line is multi timeframe now (TK version only)
- Invalidate check added when objects are created (compatibility with MT Build 2860)

- license re-check delay added
- Update LevelColors bug fixed
- Reverse trade levels with progression added
- Set break even for trail level added

- Support for TC Live levels added
- CSetting OnEvent bug fixed
- Band SL bug fixed
- Grid level trail added
- Flat button quick panel added
- Band custom colors added
- Save GridData strategie bug fixed
- Grid Level shows GOST version now
- Signal line added (TK version olny now)
- Quickpanel negative color modified
- Quickpanel has its own class now
- Quickpanel logo added
- Quickpanel can be minimized now
- QuickPanel and Gauge meter is not created on startup anymore. Speeds up the start process
- Customized update infos added
- New settings dialog header
- Settings dialog has its own class now
- Gradient panel added
- Link label for TC-Live added
- Unused variables removed
- QuickPanel save position bug fixed
- Save limit as take profit Deinit bug fixed
- Own main panel
- main painel is dragable now
- main panel sections can be minimized now
- main panel caption color changed
- Update Picture update check added
- Settings selected tab font color changed
- Drag & Drop multiple line bug fixed

- Compatibility new API version

- Apply/ Cancel button translated to German
- ApplyStatus menu buttons fixed
- Deactivate stop grid if iStop is present function added
- Support / resistance fuction for levels added

- Autotrading buttons color changed to green
- LT trail button deactivation bug fixed
- Band filter / trend filter recognize if long/short is allowed now
- Out of arry order bug fixed
- Transparent dialog background bug fixed
- Band SL set only with new bar changed
- Pids for GOST FxFlat Edition added
- GOST Pro Demo version added
- TA trail for quick panel added
- Panel logo changed

- Menu item added -> Activate STO hold function
- GOST LT Level bug fixed
- Slot used check added
- Trial period disabled
- Band calculation error fixed

- negative distance grid values
- grid orders as stop loss
- renamed orders from AE-* to GOST-*
- different order names for PRO and LT, so LT and PRO grid can be used at the same time now
- ST trail start for iStop can be used now
- BE, Price, Level for grid calculation added
- Start grid after last pending order added
- Option close position if band is neutral removes pending orders now
- Grid level for LT version added
- Remove pending orders if band is neutral added
- Color indication for iStop added
- Color indication previous button stated for auto trading buttons added
- Band Calculation changed
- German for GOST menu added
- Levels are drawn in background now
- Remove pending orders button removed
- GOST levels recognize if long/short is allowed now
- 2 Options for sensibility added, tolerance removed

- max bar history fixed
- Menu button hints added
- Level line width bug fixed
- Tolerance digits bug fixed
- SL activate for SL button added
- iStop added
- Activate strategic order hold if band change added
- Bug fixed grid set
- Chart reset if no data are retrieved
- Check marks for menu buttons added
- Menu cancel button added
- Set level lines to foreground now
- Close position if stop level reached option added
- SL and grid trail can be used at the same time now
- Price label for levels added

- Fill button removed
- Settings button added (Pro)
- Setting tab button dialog added (Pro)
- Start / Stop levels added
- BT strategic order added
- BT max tries added
- Line chart color bug fixed
- Chain grid orders moved to settings dialog

- Prevent to set bar history < 1
- Check BT SL every second, not just on new bar
- BT order is set now only if no position is open
- Grid reset on chart refresh fixed

- version history mqh added
- XBands "array out of" range bug fixed
- MT4: Set chart to foreground if fill is checked
- Refreh chart if band trading is activated deacktivated

- first official release